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What’s in Store at Delhi Live

You want to come to a festival in Delhi? It’s got it all – there are music festivals, art festivals, food festivals, festivals celebrating social causes and even those which feature markets and wares from far out places. A lot of them have made it big, with people looking to attend every year to take delight in the experience yet again.

Here’s a question – how awesome would it be if you got everything we just mentioned, in ONE. SINGLE. AMAZING. ALMOST. UNBELIEVABLE. PLACE?

It’s not only happening, but it is happening for YOU! Delhi, get ready to feast on the myriad experience of Delhi Live! Coming soon is a festival that brings you spectacular music, art, food, a flea market, a way to make a difference in the world, and we’re throwing in some adventure sports with rock climbing too. You can create the experience you want at Delhi Live and just soak everything in.

You can immerse yourself in the refreshing independent music from Delhi’s lively music scene featuring bands like Five8, Yellow Bucket, Chayan and Smiti, and Aisi Taisi Democracy; Scintillate your palate with an enormous variety of cuisines from a number of Delhi’s finest restaurants; Take in some inspiring and striking art spread all across the space featured by The Portret Project as well as the stunning photos of the Dream Delhi Live Photography competition (which you can enter too! Details coming soon!); Get some funky/atypical/exotic merchandise with some of the most unconventionally beautiful designs at the Kitsch Mandi Flea Market @ Delhi Live; Play your part and upcycle! Create something incredible and useful with recycled/waste products through workshops by The Yuva Ekta Foundation; Or show us your mettle and climb a formidable-looking wall set up by Adventure 18.

This is the festival celebrating the best of Delhi in a way you’ve never imagined. Be part of the euphoria of Delhi Live – Engage, explore, and create your own unforgettable experience.

Dream Delhi. Sing Delhi. Eat Delhi. Browse Delhi. Imagine Delhi. Breathe Delhi. Live Delhi.

Delhi Live.

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