The Young Visionary


The workshops will culminate into Street Plays that will be performed in various public places and institutions. Students will also work on art and installations from waste to truly understand the value of the waste we generate, while creating awareness about the same to the public.
Students will also launch projects in the areas surrounding the schools and NGOs, interacting with the community and cleaning up the areas in a sustained manner through their own innovative models. Under the guidance of the Yuva Ekta Foundation the groups will create projects, evaluate them monthly and plan a sustained initiative, in collaboration with their school, surrounding RWAs and the MCD.
The Young Visionary 2015
The Young Visionary 2015 will focus on the ‘Cleaning up and Celebrating my City’.

Through this platform, we will connect ten schools and ten NGOs across Delhi with the primary focus on Equity and Social Justice and bring them together to understand the issues through workshops with experts from the field, along with activities on ground. Using theatre, music, arts and photography, students will explore the challenges and possible solutions to the problem, thereby becoming Agents for positive social change!

The best projects and installations/art will be displayed at Delhi Live where the groups will get to share their work with the public, setting an example of active citizenship as an inspiration to young people across the city. Trained Young Visionaries will also guide the audience at the festival to dispose waste the right way and look at innovative ways of dealing with recyclable waste. With small performances, workshops and live demonstrations, the Young Visionary 2015 hopes to inspire all visitors to combat the problems of waste in the city.

The Yuva Ekta Foundation

The Yuva Ekta Foundation is a not-for-profit trust working at the intersection of Youth and Governance, spanning a canvas that integrates young people from different socio-economic and geographic backgrounds. Through workshops, conferences, street plays and youth festivals we create platforms using Theatre and the Arts, enabling them to become sensitized, pro-active and empowered citizens. The Yuva Ekta Foundation believes in the energy and dynamism of modern youth to bring about the changes required in society so that we can evolve as a planet in harmony with the energies it holds. We initiate processes to sensitize young people to social issues around them, as well as create platforms for them to channel their energies and create new paradigms.

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