Food Talk Street
@ Delhi Live

Food Talk Street @ Delhi Live

Arouse your palate with exquisite and delectable dishes specially featured on the Delhi Live menu. At Delhi Live, cuisines are a treat for all the senses, and you will be spoiled for choice with the legion of restaurants here. Refresh yourself, stuff yourself or just have a taste with some stunning menus , and come and experience food on a whole another level.


Partners – Food Talk India

Food Talk India is one of India’s largest Digital Food Communities- that brings together people with a passion for food. Founded in 2013 by Founder Shuchir Suri and Co-Founder Anjali Batra, Food Talk India has evolved to become a crowd sourced online platform, where users share their culinary adventures, restaurant reviews and discover new places and food to eat – through ‘real time’ recommendations.

With a large following of over 400k people across Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Food Talk India has established itself as a Digital Food Influencer with a highly engaged and interactive audience.


Arouse your palate with exquisite and delectable dishes

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