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Delhi Live – An Introduction

Morning. Work. Slog. Party. Night. Sleep. Repeat.

That’s generally the opinion that seems to float around when you ask someone from Delhi what their average day is like. But gradually, this is changing. People here now have diverse and eccentric interests and pass times, and are increasingly making more time to incorporate these into their daily lives.

When you ask them about the not-so-average stuff people do, their faces suddenly light up and you hear an entirely unique set of answers from each individual. Rock climbing, painting landscapes, meditating, composing a couple of songs, taking a weekend trip to the North-East, practicing Karate, going roller-skating, designing jewelry, having a charity drive, trying out a complicated new recipe, running marathons, training service dogs, teaching sign language, counseling victims of abuse, raising awareness about a rare form of cancer… The choices that people make are astounding and inspiring, and you realize, the dimensions of Delhi and its people are much, much larger than its geographical boundaries. These may seem like other ways people utilize their time, but on a deeper level, these are the things that truly make people come alive.

People here are accustomed to multi-task, due to the ever increasing fast paced life of the city. And most of the time, they actually find release in multiple things too. After all, watching movies every time you get a day off would become monotonous too. The thirst for finding the challenge in doing something is becoming more and more powerful, and Delhi-ites are looking for more spaces and opportunities to experience that.

Enter Delhi Live. A festival for the true Delhi-ite: Here is a place where you can have a taste of a whole gamut of things, all under the same metaphorical roof. It is a festival of the ‘belly under Delhi’ – a Delhi that exists in pockets, a Delhi that is often left out of discussions where people echo maligned stereotypes about our city. Delhi Live is about the Delhi you want to explore; the Delhi you may love.

Here is where to get a sample of what you can expect at the festival: Partake in the month long celebration before the festival even kicks off and get to engage in the roadshows, featuring the Delhi Live Mascot; Take some interesting and insightful tours of Old Delhi on cycle and gain an entirely new perspective of some of the beauty hidden in this fascinating city; Begin your participation in the festival and enter the Dream Delhi Live Photography competition and show us your Delhi.

And it doesn’t end there. The festival is only the beginning to engage you with stimulating activities contests you can participate in for months to come.

Be part of something phenomenal this winter! Delhi Live is a unique festival to experience through all your senses and it will take you on a journey where you get to decide where you want to go and what you want to do. Delhi Live molds everything around you to dazzle, thrill and excite you. And you get to have multiple experiences at the same place. Will we see you there?

Join us at Delhi Live, the festival celebrating the best of Delhi.

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